Father’s day special: E-shop operational strategy to reach sales peak!

Enable Custom made function in your e-shop to produce unique present 

Father’s Day is coming to town! Son and daughters are busy to search for presents to father. “Father’s Day” is sales peak of the season, e-shop owners launch lots of promotional campaign to attract more and more customers. Everyone is doing the same, how to jump out of the crowd? Here are some tips to help merchants to get sales peak! 


Father’s Day Special: unique Custom Made function of Posify e-shop 

The newly launch unique function: Custom-made, merchants can enable two types of sub function with just one click. It can allow customers to produce unique presents for father! 


Custom Made function 1:Custom wordings 

Merchants can launch Father’s Day special promotion which emphasis on warm wordings laser print free service. When enable this function, customers can choose to imprint their own wordings while placing orders. For example, if a merchant is selling wallets in e-shop, customers can choose to input their own wordings when enable this function eg. “To My Dear Father”. This custom-made service is attractive to customers and increase purchase orders. 


Custom Made function 2: Label Sticker 

Merchants can also launch Father’s Day special promotion which focus on imprint own image free service. When enable this function, customers can choose to upload their own images to custom-made their wrapping graphics. For example, customers can choose to imprint own image with their father on the wrapping of name card holders. This makes personalized products and popular among customers.  


Custom Made function make special gift to fathers 

Once merchants enable this custom-made function, not only increase the attractiveness of products, but also provide a unique user experience to customers in crafting the gift to fathers. In fact, everyone has precious memories with father. This function will make the gift become special and meaningful.  

If e-shop can respond to customers’ need swiftly, keep developing useful functions. It will not only beneficial to your business, but also the opportunity to expand. 


May your business a great success and Happy Father’s Day! 

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