Recently, Posify Group Limited (Our Company) discovered that our “Posify” trademark has been infringed and used for illegal  activities. Please refer to the attached capture screens. Please be formally notified that:

        1) https://h5.posify.vip/ is not our official website;

        2) We have never authorized https://h5.posify.vip/ to use our “Posify” trademark and email(enquiry@posify.me);

        3) We do not provide any investment related services;

        4) Our Company’s official website and domain are : /hk and posify.shop respectively;

        5) Our Company has never used any personal bank account to accept payment settlement, and the account name of our  official company bank account is “Posify Group Limited”.

The illegal use of our trademark has caused damages to Our Company's reputation. We have filed a police report (Report number: YLRN22035270). Posify Group Limited reserves all our right to take further legal action against the culprit. We shall not be responsible for any loss and damage caused thereby. If anyone has suffered from loss as a result, please contact the police immediately. (https://www.adcc.gov.hk/zh-hk/contact-us.html contact number+852 18222