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  Recently, Posify Group Limited (Our Company) discovered that our “Posify” trademark has been infringed and used for illegal  activities. Please refer to the attached capture screens. Please be formally notified that:         1) https://h5.posify.vip/ is not our official website;         2) We have never authorized https://h5.posify.vip/ to use our “Posify” trademark and email(enquiry@posify.me);         3) We do not provide any investment related services;         4) Our Company’s official website and domain are : https://www.posify.me and posify.shop respectively;         5) Our Company has never used any personal bank account to accept payment settlement, and the account name of our  official company bank account is “Posify Group Limited”. The illegal use of our trademark has caused damages to Our Company's reputation. We have filed a police report (Report number: YLRN22035270). Posify Group Limited reserves all our right to take further legal action against the culprit. We shall not be responsible for any loss and damage caused thereby. If anyone has suffered from loss as a result, please contact the police immediately. (https://www.adcc.gov.hk/zh-hk/contact-us.html (contact number:+852 18222)  

Posify榮獲HKRM香港零售科技商會智能零售大獎 - 銅獎 2021-10-27 15:16

Posify取得由HKRM香港零售科技商會頒發的智能零售大獎 - 榮獲銅獎

Tencent Cloud, Posify to launch eShop service for Hong Kong SMEs 2021-8-27 19:03

  The epidemic of covid-19 has posed extraordinary challenges amongst Hong Kong SMEs during these 2 years. Foreseeing that the re-launch of cross-boarder is still no end in sight, SMEs are eager to explore different sales channels to expand their business, especially in the Greater bay Area. However, it is not an easy task. Firstly, due to the limited resources, it is very difficult for them to compete with others within China ecommerce platforms. Secondly, SMEs lack expertise to maintain complicated oerpation amongst different platforms if they prefer self-develop mini program.   In light of that, Posify has been partnered with Tencent Cloud to launch the omni-channel eShop solution, which enable merchants to open Weixin Mini Program eshop at low cost and effectively manage their omnichannel business.   With this new solution powered by Tencent Cloud, SMEs could add a Weixin Mini Program on top of their eShop, which further enables them to expand their business into the Greater Bay Area market through Weixin connectivity.   Learn more about the solution   The launch of the new joint solution has gained huge attention from retail sector, and has been interviewed by different medias as below.   騰訊雲夥電商平台 提供網店方案, Hong Kong Economic Times (A13), 20210804Online     Tencent Cloud, Posify to launch eShop service for Hong Kong SMEs, telecompaper, 20210803 Tencent Cloud, Posify launch eShop solution for Hong Kong SMEs, The Asset, 20210803 Tencent Cloud, Posify Co-launch Online Shop Solutions to Local SMEs, AAStocks, 20210802 騰訊雲夥電商平台 提供網店方案, Hong Kong Economic Times, 20210804 騰訊雲與Posify合作推出針對本地中小企的網店解決方案, TechNow 20210804 【疫市營商】騰訊雲夥Posify提供全新網店解決方案 電子消費券經微信小程序即可使用, Hong Kong Economic Times, 20210803 騰訊雲 x Posify 為中小企提供全新網店解決方案, PC Market, 20210803 騰訊雲與Posify合作推出針對本地中小企的網店解決方案, Tech Apple, 20210803 騰訊雲與Posify合作推出針對本地中小企之網店解決方案, AAStocks, 20210802 騰訊雲與 Posify 合作推出針對本地中小企的網店解決方案, AIMPACT, 20210802 騰訊雲夥Posify推本地中小企網店解決方案, Hong Kong Economic Journal, 20210802 騰訊雲夥Posify推本地中小企網店解決方案, Hong Kong Economic Journal via Now, 20210802 騰訊雲與Posify合作推出針對本地中小企之網店解決方案, infocast, 20210802 騰訊雲與Posify合作推出針對本地中小企之網店解決方案, infocast via Yahoo, 20210802 騰訊雲與Posify合作推出針對本地中小企的網店解決方案, Quamnet, 20210802 騰訊雲與Posify合作推出針對本地中小企的網店解決方案, Tech Ritual, 20210802

【ANNOUNCEMENT】Posify invites Dr. Toa Charm as the Chairman of Advisory Board 2021-3-31 14:18

Posify invites Dr. Toa Charm as the Chairman of Advisory Board to advise on global strategic development    The Covid-19 outbreak has hit retailing around the world. Brick-and-mortar stores are struggling.  With the spirit of Hong Kong people's hard work and adaptive mindset, Hong Kong's small and medium-sized companies are doing their best to overcome these challenges and look for new opportunities. Offline brick-and-mortar stores gradually operate in a comprehensive online digital environment to seize the emerging opportunities.   Posify is Asia's first retail management cloud platform for small and medium-sized businesses. It helps retailers manage multiple channels online and offline so they will not miss out any business opportunities in the digital economy.  We are actively developing new features to keep up with merchants’ needs. At the same time, we have an encouraging news!    To cope with our global strategic development, Posify is pleased to invite Dr. Toa CHARM to be the Chairman of Advisory Board. Dr. Charm has over 30 years of experience in innovation and technology industry. He held senior management positions in Cyberport, IBM, Oracle, HSBC and Kingdee.   Dr. Charm was the former Chief Public Mission Officer of Cyberport where he cultivated a world-leading digital tech ecosystem with 1,200 companies from 30 countries. His expertise is on Big Data, AI, FinTech, eCommerce, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation. At present, Dr. Charm is Associate Professor, Business School, Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is also advising a few elite tech start-ups, large enterprises, governments, professional and business associations, and academia in Asia. Dr. Charm published his book<數碼力大提升> (Boost up Your Digital Power). He received the College of Business Distinguished Alumni Award from the City University of Hong Kong.     Mr. Gary Lam, founder and chief executive officer of Posify, said, "Dr. Charm's industry experience and extensive networks in the global innovation and technology ecosystem are very valuable to the development of our global business. I am very confident that Dr. Charm will be able to advise us on creating more possibilities for our retail enterprise management platform."    

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